Over-spending is the opposite of frugality. It defines the problem for which frugality is the cure. But, we must clarify. If the spending is on survival items, or even on legitimate needs, it is not over-spending but under-earning that is the culprit. And given the current economic situation, it is likely not your fault. But the problem still remains-should you heat your house or eat? Buy a new tires to replace the bald set you have, or see a dentist for that bad tooth? Today more Americans than ever are having to make grim choices such as these. If you are in that situation, keep reading. I’ve been there. And I intend to cover that subject.

But, let’s get back to over-spending. There are those that are under the impression that all spending is bad to a frugalista. The Frugal Goddess disagrees. Almost all aimless spending is over-spending. But the essence of true frugality is to avoid waste so you can live a good life as defined by you. If you have analyzed your situation and taken care of your basic responsibilities you will know what you need to invest, what you must save to provide a cushion, and what you may reasonably spend. If you have done your inner work and clarified your values and your goals you will know what to spend your money on. And finally, (having selected a goal to carry out) if you have done the work of comparing prices, considering all the ways to get the goal completed, and developing a strategy to get it done the result will not involve over-spending. Good money management is about flow, not about waste. In future posts I will be discussing the different sorts of spending in greater detail.


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  1. Hi Anabel,
    This is a great blog. I have been there and done that in my single parent days. Now I need to get back to frugality in my retirement time. I love the philosophy you are revealing; it makes it easier to think before I spend. Thanks for being here.

  2. I think I’m not necessarily an over spender, but when I have a bit of flow I buy clothes! And for me, clothes are NEVER a necessity. Really, to be honest, though I can come up with good reasons to have nice clothes, I don’t really need them. I could use that money to pay off old debts. That’s not as fun but more practical. What would the Frugal Goddess say about rewarding the self with nice things even when one still has credit card debt?

  3. This is a great conversation. We in America have been brought up to shop! “Shop ’til you drop”. Debt is how our money supply is widened and how the dollar is devalued. In other words instead of our dollar being backed by gold or silver it is backed only by debt. Other nations buy our debt and our natural treasures and our freedoms are being purchased away from us as we continue to buy things we do not need. The baby boom generation and all others after our birth have been programed by TV, radio, ads, etc. to buy, buy, buy. Now the jobs are gone that will allow people the luxury to keep buying, leaving only the huge piles of debt that this great nation has become. We need to wake up from the consumption dream. Thank you for your blog. Blessings, Sherry

  4. I love your blog, I only wish more of my friends had an interest in frugality. My wife and I often feel like we are among endangered species. The funny thing about frugality, is that it ultimately provides freedom.

    • Yes, it is one of the surest paths to freedom. Though a lot of people are being forced into cutting spending these days, when they learn what true frugality is it may change their lives for the better.

  5. As soon as I came over to this article I can only look at part of it, is this my net browser or the internet website? Should I restart?

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