What is Frugality Really?

First I will describe what frugality is not. Many people associate frugality with lack, but this is a misconception. It is not scrimping, being cheap, and playing small. Some may believe that frugality is all about saving string and clipping coupons, both of which may be tactics used in living a frugal life. But in and of themselves these tactics do not define frugality.

Nature is the Model of Frugality

Frugality is what happens when your true values meet your cash-flow. The natural world is a perfect model for abundant frugality. Nature is amazingly abundant and giving, but she wastes absolutely nothing. Everything is used up or recycled. So frugality is not at odds with the law of attraction or with prosperity consciousness.
The wealthy started out frugal, and those who keep their hard-earned assets remain that way. To become financially independent it is imperative that you become aware of exactly where you stand right now and where you are trying to get to. Frugality is relentlessly reality based, and requires honest self-knowledge. But it is necessary for lasting financial success.
Keep coming back if you want to learn how to apply the principles of frugality to your own life. Do the work and watch what happens.


13 Responses

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  2. Very True! two years ago I became frugal. Because of that, I have become free of credit card debts.
    I have also began to accumulate wealth without a raise.

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  4. […] “What Is Frugality Really?” by The Frugal […]

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  6. Dear Frugal Goddess,

    Caught you on the request for help to get to your convention. Best wishes on your journey. I know of several of the new poor and they survive by living a life more frugal.

    I have started a site on the topic but had to stop in order to get my book finished. And in true frugal fashion, I am going to self publish and self promote at least until it makes it.

    By the way, once your book is done, will you be public speaking on the topic. Please let me list you in my speakers bureau.

    In your journey, how ever you fare, may you fare well.


  7. I am in my third year of turning my life in this direction. It has made distinguishing between a ‘want’ and a ‘need’ much simpler! Also I’m learning to invite prosperity into my life, with very encouraging results. I enjoyed your article, and I’ll be back.

  8. I like your explanation. Frugality is not lack, but reality. It’s knowing the difference between a need and a want. Living within your means. Now all I need to do is act on this belief 🙂

  9. Great Blog!

  10. Found you on blogcatalog…love the blog! Definitely causing me to think deeper into frugality.

  11. This article came up in a Google search for Frugality and the Law of Attraction. I found this article to be so interesting that I have been reading most of what you have written. It is all done very well, and you touch on some of the “usual” topics in thoughtful ways – especially love the way you tie in values with spending. This is an understanding I know I did not get growing up — just really “getting it” now later in life. Thank you for this blog — count me in as a regular reader!

  12. Frugality is something everybody needs to be thinking about nowadays. It’s great to see such useful and applicable information. Thanks for posting!


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