The Frugal Splurge

Make Your Dreams Come True

Being frugal is not about deprivation but rather about values and priorities. Once you have crossed the threshold into having enough to live on, the purpose of frugality is to have the surplus available to create the life you really want. Everyone has dreams that they would like to have come true, and everyone has a few luxuries that really make them happy. Some of mine are really good artisanal cheese, wine from the upper shelf, and dinner out at a real upscale restaurant. Then again I am a foodie. You may crave fancy soap, or a new amplifier. It is all about who you are. I don’t indulge very often in these things, especially not the eating out thing. My luxuries remain more special to me when I indulge rarely, and savor the moment. So, what do you crave? Make a place in your life to have it. If you are hurting financially right now it might seem frivolous. But that tiny slice of real Munster might just make it easier to get through the hard times. Just get the smallest quantity you can and enjoy every bite.

When it comes to having your big dream, a lot of thought and planning are in order. Do you want to travel the world? Publish your own book? Start a business or a band? Make sure you are really clear what it is you want. Find out everything you can about the object of your desire. If there is a way to start small, do it. For instance, if you want to travel, start with a domestic trip before you break out the passport. If you want to make art, buy some small supplies. Then, start to build the financial edifice to build your dream. I suggest a separate savings account. This will become your cauldron into which you pour the money to make your dream come true. Start putting away eighty percent of whatever surplus you have. Don’t touch it until there is enough to make real progress on your big project. In the meantime you can enjoy the learning and planning process. Taking action on achieving your heart’s desire can energize your life in ways you never dreamed of.


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  1. Thank you so much for posting all of the awesome information! Looking forward to reading more blogs!

  2. Informative story, bookmarked your blog in hopes to read more!

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