Never Waste Money on Clothes Again-Buy Right for your Body Type

Proportion is Everything

Why You Need to Measure before You Shop

With the overwhelming number of style choices it is easy to get caught up and buy the wrong thing. If you have been following my posts you know I recommend various ways to get your clothing needs met free of charge or for very little. But even then you won’t look your best if you buy things that don’t suit you. And sooner or later you will be spending a larger sum on something new to wear. In which case it is important to do it right.

What is a Body Type

Unlike your best colors, which stay with you for life, your best cuts and styles can and will change with time. Though you may have a basic shape that stays the same, such as hour glass or string bean, you may eventually become a stocky bean or a large hour glass. Whenever you experience a significant change in weight it is a good idea to reassess your clothing decisions. This is true for both men and women. Though our clothes may be different in many ways, a man in the wrong silhouette will look just as bad as his female counterpart.

The Measurements

There are several measurements you need to know before going to the clothing outlet. These measurements include your proportions both vertically and horizontally. Your vertical proportions determine whether you are long or short-waisted, and also whether you are have long or short legs in relation to your torso. This will determine the best silhouette for you in terms of jacket length, The rise of your trousers and that sort of thing. Get it wrong and you will always look a little “off”. To make these measurements, get a measuring tape, a friend that you feel relaxed around, a mirror, and go to this site: and then go here to find out if you are long or short waisted: You can’t change your vertical proportions, so it is important to learn to dress them properly.

The horizontal body type is more familiar. You may have a good idea if you are a pear, a string bean, an hour glass, or the culturally unfortunate diamond. Your horizontal body type may be affected somewhat by diet and exercise, but the basic tendency will remain. For instance, if you are a diamond, whose waist and stomach comprise the largest measurement on your body, you may lose weight and gain muscle tone but still retain a more rectangular shape. You may not be able to get the nipped in waist of an hour-glass figure no matter what you try. That is why it is important to know yourself, accept yourself, and then buy things that suit you no matter what. Anyone can look good and put together with the right information. To discover your horizontal measurements, go here:

The Next Step

Once you know what you are dealing with, finding out what to buy is easy. There are reams of sources to tell you how to show off your tiny waist or cover your big hips. In general it is a good idea for women to buy tops and dresses that pinch in or are belted at the narrowest part of the torso. Other than that, check out this book: . From it you will learn exactly what to buy to correct for any visual “flaws” and also how to accentuate your best features. So, if you need some new clothes, go get them. But if you want to save your hard earned money do your homework first.


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