Six Frugal Stress Busters You Should Try



Natural Landscapes Get Rid of Stress



It is a well-known fact that stress is very hard on the health. And in these difficult and unsettled times it seems impossible to avoid. The good news is that getting rid of stress need not be expensive. Recreational shopping may do the trick for an hour or too, but all the good effects will likely be undone when the credit card bill comes. Try these low or no cost alternatives.

Take a Walk-Preferably in Nature

Walking serves two purposes-it gets your body moving, and it clears your head. And it also seems to lift the spirits. Chances are that there is a park or trail near you that will serve nicely. If not, walk down the prettiest or most interesting street you can get to easily.

Get Physical

While you are at the park, try throwing a Frisbee or shooting some hoops. Do whatever is available to really get your heart moving. Exercise raises our levels of endorphins, the opposite of the cortisol and adrenaline that flood our bodies when we are stressed. We may have the same problems after a good workout, but we still feel better.

Do Something Mindless

It turns out that vegging out is a great stress buster. Whether you are playing solitaire or watching mindless TV, it can be a form of meditation, and it may be more beneficial for some people than “real” formal meditation. If that much laziness bothers you-try knitting. It serves the same purpose and you get a scarf out of the deal. Now that is frugal!

Do Something Useful

If you are worried about a bunch of things and your mind is spinning, try doing one of the items on your to-do list. Make it something mindless and energy intensive like cleaning the kitchen. You will definitely feel better psychologically when you are done. Doing something gives a feeling of forward motion and crossing a task off the list creates a stress relieving feeling of virtue.

Try a Long Soak

It may be trite, but a warm bath really is relaxing. Even if you are a shower person, a twenty minute soak will relax you and revive your spirits, not to mention any aching muscles. Try some aromatherapy while you’re in there.

Talking with Friends

I put this last because most advisors put it first, and it is actually trickier than you might think. First of all, there are gender issues. Women go right to this one while most men never get to it at all. So it is not a generic recipe for success. The problem for men is that a little venting is therapeutic. But the problem for women is that too much venting can actually cause more stress. Find a good balance with a friend that only lets you go so far, and then gets you out of yourself by changing the subject. A friend that can combine allowing you to vent with going out dancing would be ideal.


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  1. I am so looking forward to your continued accounts of your travels. But here I want to amplify on “Do something mindless” – another form of “meditation” is writing – free writing – journal writing where you start and don’t know where you are heading. You are both creative and releasing emotions, tensions.

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