Frugal Romance-Dating on a Dime


A Bottle for Two by the Fire

If you are one of the millions of singles out there you face a lot of bumps is the road already. Going broke in the pursuit of a great date shouldn’t be one of them. We are taught in this culture that we need to spend a pile of money to capture the heart of our crush, or even to enjoy a little romance. But this is misleading. Spending too much can actually hurt your chance for dating success, and not just in the wallet.

Dating experts know that trying too hard (i.e. spending a bundle) can actually be a turn off in the early stages of dating. This is because it makes the suitor/spender look too eager at a time when the other party isn’t sure how they feel. So the less of a big deal the better for both parties. Attraction is built on small shared experiences and a little mystery.

A big splurge, say on a great but expensive restaurant or romantic getaway, CAN be very romantic. Just save it for the first anniversary. If you start of at that level of spending you will likely be expected to keep it up, and what are you going to do for an encore.

Another issue is the possibility that your intended partner is a frugal person that might actually be turned off by a large impressive display of consumer prowess. It is a good idea to know someone before you try too hard to impress them. It will save you from mistakes that cost more than just money.

So, what are you going to do instead? After the first coffee date which is a nice frugal activity, the options are many. If the weather is nice get outside. Taking a walk, either in the country or through an interesting neighborhood, provides a chance to converse. And the walking helps dispel any dating jitters. Or, for a longer get together, try a picnic. If you cook the food yourself it won’t cost any more than a normal lunch at home. Find a pretty spot and share a sandwich.

For the more active try riding bikes together or horses if you are in the part of the country where horses are common. Take a swim at the local swimming hole. Get out and dance at a community event. Many locales have free outdoor music in the summer. Check your local listings for all kinds of free community events.

If the weather is iffy go to a movie matinee. This will be less expensive and more casual than an evening show. Or go to a busy café and people watch. Or go play chess at a café that features chess sets. In the evening many cities have open mics where you can go hear a line-up of local talent for the cost of a beer.

The possibilities are endless. Pick out something so interesting you would do it by yourself and enjoy every minute. Then ask your crush to join you. It helps to find out their interests first though. It is how you treat your date and how the two of you feel about each other that create the sparks. So go get your local events listings, put on you thinking hat, and get ready to dial. Happy dating!


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  1. Spending too much on a date is not necessary. It’s not about ‘HOW MUCH” what matter is the ” THOUGHT” and how you will be ” CREATIVE” in your special date 😉

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