Happy Holidays and a Big Roll Out of Frugal Fun in the New Year!!

Happy Holidays from the Frugal Goddess

My regular readers may have noticed that I haven’t been posting lately. This is because I have been working on some great new material which I will be rolling out starting with the new year. I have been talking about the concepts and tactics of a frugal life with folks from all over the place, getting an idea of what would be most useful now. There are still many who associate frugality with lack. I will continue to work on eliminating that myth.

As I look about the world at the close of 2011 I see so many people struggling with the economic side of their lives. The struggle continues despite the occasional uptick in the market or spurts of prosperity. The Frugal Goddess writes to the forcibly frugal who may be facing even more dire circumstances in the coming year. She writes to the increasingly small and increasingly squeezed middle class, and to boomers hoping to be able to enjoy their golden years. She even writes to the voluntarily frugal—those people of means who are drawn spiritually to a live of sustainability, simplicity, and justice.

The philosophy of frugal abundance is based on the idea that prosperity is based on more than just money alone. We must each look into our own hearts to determine what is most important and then go about crafting a life based on our deepest values. Material wealth may be a part of that mix, but for most of us it is not at the center.

The entire system of frugal abundance is based on knowing and understanding your resources on every level, and then maximizing every resource available. It is also about understanding the flow of energy through your life so that nothing is wasted. We start with the outcome in mind and then figure out how to get there using every resource available. These resources are not limited to money but also include our connections to others, our own talents, and numerous ways we have of interacting with the world.

So, dear reader, I wish you a loving and peaceful end to 2011. And I hope you will stop by often in 2012 as the Frugal Goddess continues to help you connect your values to your wallet. And if there is a subject you really want to see get tackled please make a comment or email me and let me know. Blessings to you all!


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