If You Want to Be Rich and Healthy Learn to Cook

A Trip to the Market can be the Key to Happiness

As prices rise food is the second biggest expense most people face after housing. And the cost of eating out, both the money angle and the health angle, have never been greater. Just think about it. Unless you are considering a fast food dollar menu diet, which will cause you to starve nutritionally while making you obese, eating out three times a day will cost at least twenty-five dollars. Multiply that by thirty and it means a food tab of $750. This figure is for very basic fare, and will likely be missing many elements of a balanced diet. This figure is also for ONE person. If you are in a family, you must multiply by the number of mouths to be fed.

On the other hand, if you just cook half the time you will improve your health, and cut the tab substantially, as follows: a single adult can eat well enough for about $210 a month, which is $7 a day. It may be necessary to shop carefully to stick with this figure, but it can be done. Half of $750 (the spendthrift food tab) is $375. Half of $210 (the home-cooking tab) is $105. If we add the two, it comes out to $480, an improvement of 46%.

Of course the best plan is to eat in almost 100% of the time, and to make going out a special event, but the Frugal Goddess knows how hard this can be given our frantic pace. That is why I will be writing more about portable food and easy home food fixes over the coming months. Bon Apetit!


7 Responses

  1. While we slim our wallets by eating home, we can also aid our health by eating a diet that improves memory, prevents cancer and heart disease –
    Same elements – ALL:
    Fish vs meat
    Leafy, cruciferous vegetables – Bok Choy, Broccoli, Cauliflower and Cabbage

    To our health!

    • Yes-this is so true. Simple food is both healthy and inexpensive. Things like cabbage, onions, and lentils are good for you in so many ways…

  2. I know I feel so much better when I opt out of the fast food diet…eating healthy, home cooked meals gives me more energy and more money…win/win!

  3. Cooking from home can be so simple and satisfying – just as quick too, when you consider the time taken to travel, order and pay. Much easier to control your budget too.
    It’s fun shopping for in season vegetables and using lentils and pulses for cheap tasty meals. Cooking at home doesn’t have to be complicated.

  4. It’s going to cost a little more in the beginning when you first cook your meals instead of eating out. The reason is because you are trying to perfect the recipe.

    The only thing I found that does not help you cut down on your budget is making your own sandwich. The cost of putting everything together + the time needed is not comparable to just buying something at the deli.

    Look forward to seeing what you will be making. Go for recipes that you can make in bulk and can last longer- like soups and stews.

  5. Great! I am looking forward to some healthy cooking ideas! My husband and I have come to realize we spend way too much on food, so your article is very timely!

  6. The best advice ever!! My husband and I recently got married and we cook at home every weekday and almost every weekend, b/c it’s healthier and cheaper. I realize now how overpriced food is at restaurants. A piece of steak of even a plate of lasagna costs me two to three times the price at restaurants, compared to if I were to just buy it form the grocery store and make it myself. It’s also often loaded with salt, butter and other stuff that I would never put in food that I cook at home.

    We do however treat ourselves to lunch / dinner on special occasions, but I find by doing this rarely, we appreciate so much more when it happens. 🙂


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