Gray and Gorgeous—Frugal and Green Hair Care for Boomers


Gray Hair is Fabulous!

Gray hair has always gotten a bad rap. Women especially are led to believe that they need to spend a good deal of time and money covering it up. I know I did, until I went out to check out a band one night at a local club and met an absolutely stunning fifty something woman with an amazing gray mane. I asked her about it and she said she stopped coloring five years ago and never looked back. This made me envious, and got me thinking. A quick trip to ask mr. google told me that gray is the new black—for hair. The great fashion capitals of the world are seeing a huge spike in women going natural. And they ROCK!!

Besides being more natural and probably healthier, going gray is certainly the frugal choice. Colored hair needs to be retouched every six weeks or so, and each visit may run up to a hundred dollars or more. The only reason for this expense is misplaced aesthetics.

I have started down the path and am thrilled with the results. If you would like to do the same follow these steps:

  • Assess they hair you have. What percentage is gray? How much is showing? Is the shade to your liking? All gray hair is not the same color. It comes in many shades of silver, pewter, and steel. If you still have plenty of your original color you will be “salt and pepper” at least for awhile. If you have very short hair it will be pretty easy to make the switch. Just go a little shorter and keep trimming often. But if you just colored and you have long hair you want to keep, you need an exit strategy.
  • Consult your hairdresser if you need an interim strategy. She might have some suggestions to ease the transition. Maybe lowlights for blending. This sort of things needs the attention of a professional.
  • Take very good care of your beautiful, frugal, natural hair. Gray hair tends to be drier and may have a different texture from your “first” hair. Without proper care it can be dull. Look for products specially formulated to keep your gray hair soft and shiny. A clarifying shampoo and deep conditioner should do the trick.
  • Re-think your hairstyle. Gray hair looks best when combined with a meticulous style. You may want to go for something shorter and edgier. If you want to keep it long get a real style, not back in a bun.

Follow these steps and you to will soon be one of the most stylish women on the block. Be authentic and go gray today! And to inspire you, a link to some truly fabulous gray haired ladies:

And another helpful link:



4 Responses

  1. I don’t color my hair for health reasons. I don’t want those chemicals on my scalp or in the water supply.

  2. I’m still too chicken to go natural…I worked with a lady who had the most beautiful silver grey hair…I told her I’d quit coloring my hair if I could be sure I’d have hair like hers…unfortunately, it’s no where close…

  3. Great post. I don’t color my hair and don’t ever intend to start. I have a huge mane of hair and am curious what it will look like when it’s gray.

  4. I can’t imagine coloring my hair (but support anyone who does anything for themselves!!). Jeez, I can’t stand getting my hair cut, for goodness sake. 🙂 However, I do wear make up and fuss with the “do” now and then.

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